A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Prep

Considering the birthday decorations at home idea is a head scratching task. We usually struggle to find an alternate of balloons for a birthday party. Let me tell you now-a-days birthday is far more than balloons. Yes, no doubt! Balloons can play an important role but not just balloons.

I am going to suggest you some amazing without balloon ideas for the Birthday décor prep that also involves your kids to take interest on. Let your child go wild on a birthday bash. Ask your kid how he/she wants his/her birthday to be? Here are some Birthday themes mentioned with innovative ideas baby shower plates/birthday decorations B08C2MXGML:

1) Safari/Jungle Theme:

After the release of Movie Jungle book, this theme is now liked by many young toddlers. It is quite amazing to see cute little kids dressed as animals.

You might be lucky to see naughty kids as a baby elephant, bear or seagull.

Try following these innovative things:

• Writing Invitations: For this theme it is better to write invitations on big dry leaf. Yes! You read it right “write”; it will increase kid’s involvement in birthday décor.

• Creative Entrance: Decorate your entrance with your kids in similar way; give a hint of jungle look by adding green curtains or you can add long green strips of paper glued together. Add a bit of colourful flowers to make it appear natural.

2) Chess Board Theme:

It is for those kids who love chess more than anything. They would love to decorate their home as chess board. You can make a paper carpet by using black and white chart papers or you may use black and white bed sheets.

Here are some innovative ideas that we can do on this theme:

• Chess Cake: Decorate the cake with black and white edible materials like chocolates or candies. Buy candles in the shape of chess speed and try to adjust on your black and strip of your cakes to make it look like a chess board.

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