A Review of the My Pillow Pets Cow Product Line

Stuffed animals are a very popular item and have been for a long time. It takes being different then the competition and the use of fun and creative animals to get a step on the competition and be successful. My Pillow Pets certainly have done that, and the My Pillow Pets Cow has become one of their great selling plush toy animals. These toys are just like the other products made by this company which means you are technically getting two products in one, a very soft pillow that kids love to sleep on and a very cuddly stuffed animal that children love to play with. stuffed animal B08HM4XB6K

The best part about the My Pillow Pets Cow collection is the great choices you have. You are going to be able to pick from their top two sellers, which include the My Pillow Pets Cow 18″ version and the My Pillow Pets Cow 11″ version. Both of these items are identical in look and in the soft plush materials they use, they just have two small differences. The first is obviously the size with the 18 inch model being bigger than the 11 inch version, and the second one is cost with the 11 inch model being cheaper. Some younger kids may sometimes prefer the smaller version because it is easier to carry around, play with, and take traveling with them, but most kids prefer the bigger stuffed animal. There is also a great cow blanket that children love and it really matches the look of the toys themselves.

The other major reason that you are going to have a very popular stuffed animal is because of the way it was designed. These products certainly deliver on that front. They are made from a very soft plush material that children love to cuddle with. It also has that classic color scheme you would want from any cow toy which is going to be black and white with spots. This toy delivers on them, making it a classic looking toy with a modern twist, which is something everyone wants.

Besides just looking great and having some great options, both parents and children love these stuffed animals for other reasons as well. They are a very durable product, meaning they will last a long time. They are also machine washable on a gentle cycle, which is very convenient knowing how dirty children can get toys. Really the only other thing parents should know about this toy is that it is recommended for children ages three and up due to some small parts, but besides that, this is just a great product. If you are looking for a fantastic gift idea for any special occasion, this is one fantastic option that will not steer you wrong.

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