Adult Birthday Parties – Not Just for Kids Anymore

A lot of adults seem to want to be somebody. Hardly a big secret. Out days are pretty much the same. Get up go to work, come home make dinner, fall asleep watching TV in your favorite chair … Throw in some kids and pets, mix it all up and it = ordinary.

I’m not saying all this has a purpose. I have 4 kids, 1 grandson. I love them all. Routine is routine. We need to break out on Occasion to retain our senses and return to our lives refreshed. Below are some grown up parties you might want to consider.

NASCAR – very few people can strap themselves in these high performance machines and make a living at it. I always put an “E” on the end. It is scary, but it also very exhilarating. Millions of dedicated fans can’t be wrong. Just look at how long the circuit lasts. All but 2 months out of the year. Start your engines and head out for some NASCAR adult party supplies. See you at the checkered flag 자위기구.

Pirate – I have a friend that has all but convinced the little girl next store that he is Pirate and he has buried treasure in his backyard. He even talks like one. No kidding! A pirate party might be just what you are looking for. With all the publicity Captain Jack Sparrow is getting, it is not hard to find great costumes and accessories. Unless you have your own pirate ship in the Caribbean, this is as close and realistic as you can get.

Hollywood – Do you picture yourself sticking your hands in to cement of your star in front of the Chinese theatre? This is a really fun party for couples. How about Bogey and Bacall, Fred and Ginger? My wife and I did Raggedy Ann and Andy. No, you will never see the pictures, they have been burned (I hope). Having your own Oscars is like taking Karaoke one step farther. Give out trophies, make speeches, take glamor pictures, who wants to do the interviews on the red carpet? ” Lights, Camera, Action”.

Luau – birthday parties or just to have one is one of the most popular parties in the warmer months. The most active time for this theme party is March through August. Whenever or wherever is what I say. Remember it’s “its 5:00 somewhere”. Finding a pig roaster and the pig are as easy as your phone book. You can also try doing a search on your favorite search engine.

If you still are looking for an adult party idea pick a month and search for what is happening. For instance, July 4, Independence day. Do you know it is also Sidewalk egg frying day. Maybe not here in Cleveland but maybe in Phoenix. June is National Beef Steak month. Do you really need any other reason to have a BBQ? The list is endless. Just remember Adults are just big kids and we love parties too.

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