Buying Antiques: A Beginner’s Guide To A Passion

Antiques are a wonderful addition to any home. They add class and sophistication and can be instrumental in aiding in education for your visitors. It doesn’t take much to become educated and experienced in the world of antiques. Even absolute beginners can pick it up quickly. Here is some advice to help you.

Buying antiques is different from shopping for other types of home furniture. Regular home furniture and accessories depreciate over time Antiques valuation. On the other hand, antiques become more valuable with age and could even provide you with a nice little investment to cash-in on your retirement if you buy well.

When considering buying antiques you need to understand the three basic principles on which antique valuation and significance are based. First, age. There is some debate about antiques as to how old they have to be, but more importantly, there are distinct periods most antiques are categorized into. Second, condition. The closer the condition is to the original the higher an antique’s value. Finally, pedigree. If you can properly trace an antique’s ownership you can more readily quantify its value.

I always recommend starting your journey with antiques by setting a strict budget and trying to find ‘bargains’ that you will simply enjoy. As you become more educated and experienced about antiques and the history of furniture and accessories you can start to increase your budget slowly. The reason I recommend this is that you will be less likely to buy something that seems valuable, but really isn’t.

Television shows like Antiques Roadshow highlight how frequently people find wonderful treasures for very little money while shopping. You don’t need to spend big to find some amazing pieces. Most antique dealers pick up their stock very inexpensively and there are some good bargains if you’ll take your time.

If possible, I’d also recommend shopping around with a local antiques dealer. He or she will probably enjoy mentoring you on the world of antiques. Their experience and knowledge will help you quickly come to understand the different periods and their significance. It will be a wonderful history lesson as well.

Although these tips are very short and lacking in detail they will help you get started on a firm foundation for building your knowledge of antiques and history. There are many other ways to build your education including online forums, blogs and libraries. Good luck on your journey. And have fun!

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