Common Grammar Mistakes Found In Essays

Grammar proofreading is something that most of us neglect to do when we have college term papers to write. The majority of students perform essay proofreading in the last twelve hours before their paper is due to be turned in. The result of these truths is that the majority of term papers, essays, and research papers receive grades lower than they should have because of simple grammatical errors.

The most common mistakes found during essay proofreading


When you are writing you have to keep the written word in the same tense throughout the paper. People often switch in and out of past and present tense when they are writing without realizing they have done so. When they read what they have written their minds play tricks on them and they do not see the tense variations student share. When other people read the papers the tense variations jump out at them and cause the paper to be considered to be lower in quality.


If you change the preposition in a sentence you change the meaning of the sentence. If you use the wrong preposition then lose the impact the statement could have delivered. People often get hung up on the mistake you have made and the rest of the written material is not thoroughly absorbed.

Should You Use “A or The”?

Determining when to use “a” or “the” in a sentence can be very difficult if English is not your first language, and at times it is difficult for English speaking naturals. You should use the word A when you are talking about a subject in general. If you want to get your friends to go out to the movies, but do not care which movie you see, then you would use the word A, as in “let’s go see a movie tonight”. If you want to see a particular movie then you would say “Let’s go see the movie playing at Tinsel Town tonight”.

Using Me, Myself, and I Incorrectly

People often think that the word myself is interchangeable with the word me, but that is simply not the case. You use “me” in sentences like “Text me soon”. “Me” is a pronoun that is objective and it is used in reference to the actions being performed to a verb, by the person performing the action. Such as “my boss wants me to sweep the floor before closing time”.

Myself cannot be used in place of the word “me”, and in general “myself” is only used in a sentence that contains the word “I”. Such as, “I told myself that it was foolish to be afraid of the dark”.

Avoiding low grades by applying grammar proofreading techniques is the smart thing to do. Remember that you are less likely to recognize the simple mistakes you may have made on your own paper, so hiring a professional will insure that your paper is as close to perfect as it can be. The grades you make on these written essays can often determine whether or not you pass a course or not.

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