Functional Hints For Buying A Studio Quality Handmade Dresser

They are just as beautiful as they are functional, and an artisan can build a variety of unique handmade dressers by using a mixed bag of designs and fashions that were in style over the course of hundreds of years and making them popular still today. Modern handmade bedroom style dressers usually combine styles, as you can see in the Queen Anne, Shaker and Mission styles, to match the theme of the matching bedroom set. Other styles of dressers frequently highlight a mixture of natural woods to highlight the outer frame of the design of the piece of furniture to make a beautiful splash that can go in any style of dining room dresser for bedroom B085ZSFDSF.

The same dovetail joinery that craftsmen use to create sturdy handmade desks is also used to build elegant tops, sides and drawers of handmade dressers. The body of the dresser, or the carcass, is held together with dovetail joints that add an element of design as well as making it extremely strong. Other dressers employ frame and panel construction that is highlighted by mortise and tenon joinery that is accented with wooden pins. Combining both techniques for any style of handmade dresser is what makes the carcass durable and the drawers move in and out smoothly.

Among the many styles of handmade wooden furniture that are still favored today is the Queen Anne style. The Queen Anne style of handmade wooden furniture was first made popular in America between 1720 to 1760 and can be distinguished from other styles by the signature cyma, or S-curve, that is seen in the feet of a dresser or chair, and may also be worked into other parts of a piece of furniture. These S-curves blend well with modern styles of decorating by softening the look of a heavy piece of furniture with the gentle curves.

The Queen Anne style of furniture is historically made from walnut, which is definitely a Colonial American tradition. Handmade dressers today are made from all kinds of wood, like butternut, cherry, mahogany or maple. Like walnut, butternut wood is prized for its soft, light yellow highlights and darker grains.

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