History Of Power Tools

Power tools are devices that are driven by compressed air or electric motors or even gasoline engines. They are of immense use both at home as well as in industries. These powerful tools have enabled the common man to carry out his work more efficiently at the same time saving him a lot of time as well. Power tools have found their way in different arenas such as construction, painting and polishing and many more. Stationary power tools are more often known as machine tools. They are basically used for metalworking. Some of the popular machine tools are bench grinders and drill presses. Power tools have indeed made our lives more comfortable, but at the same failure to maintain or use them in the right manner can cause you serious injury. Power tools are fairly easy to use and learning to use them in the proper way can prevent any hazard. We are all aware of the extensive use of power tools, but none of us have an idea about the origin of the different types of power tools.

Many centuries before the invention of wheel Magnetic drill, the Egyptians constructed colossal pyramids by employing copper tools to excavate and cut massive blocks. It is believed to be the first instance when a copper drill was made use of. Then later on in the 1st Century B.C. came into existence the use of the first screws. These screws were made from wood and used for deriving wine and oil. The screw drivers of the bygone days were just meant for twisting the screw so as to achieve the desired results. Metal screws and nuts were nowhere to be seen till the fifteenth century. It was then in the 1930s that an engineer named Henry Philips designed a new line of screwdriver that was based on the pattern of automated screws for automobiles. Few decades later, lot more innovations were introduced in the screwdriver that came like a boon for all. This new development was in the form of power driven screwdrivers. It was used either as an independent driving machine or as an addition to the electric drill.

Another important tool is the saw. The origin of saws can be dated back in the year 1977 in England when Samuel Miller brought about a revolution by inventing a circular saw that helped in cutting massive logs when spun. With the passage of time the common two-man-pit saw underwent tremendous change when Tabitha Babbitt came up with the first circular saw that helped the lumber industry a great deal. With the passage of many years, the primitive tools of the past have assumed a new shape. What we find today are the high tech power driven tools that have indeed a come a long way ahead from where they had actually originated.

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Windmills: Windmill is one of the most useful power tools that harness the energy of the wind with their large spinning blades. In large parts of Europe, it was used to grind corn. It was at a later point of time that it was brought to use for pumping water. Windmills have witnessed numerous innovations. The present day windmills are more popularly known as wind turbines or wind generators. They are widely used to generate electricity. The largest wind turbine has the capacity to generate power upto 6 MW. Now many countries have begun investing large amounts of resources in wind farms for producing electricity.

Solar Panels: A Solar panel is a machine that taps the energy of the sun and converts it into electricity to generate power. With other sources of energy proving to be quite costly, solar panels have made it possible to cut down on electricity bills to a great extent. There are varied categories of solar panels, each having its own set of features and benefits. Photovoltaic panels are of immense use in generating electricity directly from the light of sun. Solar thermal energy system generates power through fluid filled tubes and a system of mirrors. Solar hot water panel is used in homes to heat water. Solar panels are an alternate tool which is more biologically sound and cost effective.

Electric Generators: It is one of the most widely used electrical devices in homes, offices as well as the industrial sector. It transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy to produce power. The first electric generator capable of generating power for the industries was Dynamo. Then came the magneto hydrodynamic generator (MHD generator). This generator harnessed electric power with the help of passing hot moving gases through a magnetic field. These generators are of great use in heating the boilers of steam power plants. The present day trend is to use engine generator sets commonly known as gen set. It is an assemblage of an electrical generator and an engine. Electric Generators are extremely useful especially in an emergency. They can be used to power critical life support equipment as well as power up your house in the likelihood of a power failure.

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