How to Apply Eyeliner (Pencil)

Pencil eyeliner gives the eyes a softer definition than gel or liquid, is easier to smudge with control, and for newbies is much easier to apply than the other two options. When it comes to the modern pencil eyeliner, we have two choices: automatic or traditional, both of which have their ups and downs gel eyeliner brush B07BLT5H6H.

With automatic eyeliner pencils, the obvious plus is that you never have to sharpen it, eliminating both the need of a sharpener and all of the mess that comes along with it. They come in a plastic pen-style applicator and when you use up the head, you simply twist the base to bring up more product. The downside of not being able to sharpen an eyeliner is that unless you maneuver it in certain ways with each use (or on your hand, which would be wasteful), the head of the tip will become flat after just a few uses, making the liner thicker on your eye and therefore a bit harder to control the outcome. By nature, automatic liners are not as soft or creamy as the traditional pencils, so if you’re looking for something a little more tough or if you’re experiencing bleeding with your traditional pencil, try an automatic and let us know how you feel about the difference. But keep in mind that a tough liner means it’s a little rougher on the eye, which we all know to be a very delicate area, so a good way to loosen up a tough liner is to warm it up with your breath (no joke).

Traditional pencils, on the other hand, have a greater presence on the market which means you have more choices (always a good thing) in color and texture. The downside of this type of eyeliner is that if the eye is not prepped properly, the creamier types can bleed- either on the lower lash line or around the eye. In order to prevent this, use an eyeshadow base (even if you are just wearing liner) set with powder. This will allow the liner to adhere to the base instead of your eyelid, which if has the tendency to get a bit oily around mid-day is not the best option. Because of their less rough nature, traditional pencils glide easier on the inside of the lower eyelid, and if you have sensitive eyes you need to be mindful of tearing when applying liner to this area of the eye.

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