Meaning and Marketing – The Eye of the Storm

It’s 1954. Yes, Mrs. Patricia Smith has been a good teacher today. She has remained on task and kept her Third Grade Pupils in line. But she doesn’t have to work too hard at it. She weighs 200 Lbs and if she ever grabs you and shakes you, and you can see the buttons on her blouse coming at you at almost the speed of light, so much so that you end up hypnotized and your brain feels like a pea soup – this is something you’re not going to forget any time soon.
It can happen. Believe me. It can happen. So you had better behave.
So the pulpils sit real quietly, very quietly at their desks, and look at the clock 3 feet up the wall above the black board behind Mrs. Smith’s large self 레플리카시계.
Sometimes, Mrs. Smith, grows tired, sits in a chair in front of the class, spreads her legs just a bit so that you can see her thighs and a thin sheet of white to hide her crotch. The pupils sort of smile at each other as they lay their heads in their arms and peer away.
To amuse herself and the class, Mrs. Smith talks about her son George and what a good boy he is. He’s her only son, her only beloved son, and they know it…have heard it time after time after time. And this kid can do no wrong. AND THEY BELIEVE IT!
About half-way through the school year, Mrs. Smith brings her 3 year old Son to class to spend the day, and that’s an experience none of them will ever forget. He’s hyperactive and makes a wreck of the whole day for everybody. And Mrs. Smith never punishes him even one time. How does he get away with that? THEY WANT TO KNOW BUT ARE AFRAID TO ASK.
The pupils, however, don’t lack for amusement on the day when George is present. He’s an Amusement Park Incarnate. But this is now on a different day. It’s now the future, after George, and…
It’s 10:00am and recess is only 30 minutes away. Mrs. Smith gets up from her chair, picks up a piece of chalk, and begins the most seminal lesson in all human history. She has already taught the class about conjugating verbs and now she is going to teach them how to conjugate the verb “To Be”. And she writes on the blackboard as follows:

Singular Plural 1st. Person I AM We are 2nd. Person You are You are 3rd. Person He/She/It IS They are
Mrs. Smith doesn’t know it, but she has just placed the name of the Creator of the Universe on the black board and the Creator is very pleased because He/She/It likes to be seen, especially by children.

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