Professional Custom Book Cover Design

Most authors in the self publishing industry underestimate how important it is to get a custom book cover designed when they are first starting out in the authoring and publishing industry. A professionally crafted custom book cover design is a key factor in how your book will be perceived. Not just any graphic designer will do, you need a professional. To obtain your goals you need a book cover designer with experience who really knows the trade and how to achieve the results you desire. There is a lot to consider when designing a design thinking book. Such as the audience you are trying to reach, photos chosen, color scheme and fonts used.

Lets start with your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? There are a wide variety of people and professional groups out there in the world. If you were trying to reach people who have attention deficit disorder, who want nothing more than to overcome their disorder and be happy, then you need to appeal to that group of people. It is very important that you determine first who you are marketing your book to and then design around that.

Next you want to choose the right type of image. An image that is impactful and brings about an emotional response. An image that your target audience can relate to and can create a connection or bond with. Just like you form relationships with people you want people to form a relationship with your custom book cover design. So when they look at the cover of your book it speaks to them and they think to themselves, “That book is for me.”

How about the color scheme of your book design. The colors you have on your cover will make a big difference in how the consumer feels about your book. Do you want them feeling calm, relaxed and at ease or do you want them feeling empowered and full of energy and vigor? The colors of the book cover will go a long way to expressing what your book is all about. Think about it, colors always create an emotional response. When you are at the beach surrounded by blue ocean water and clear blue skies you feel relaxed and happy, but when you are coming up to a red light or red stop sign, it gets your attention immediately and you may feel tense or irritated.

Lastly you want to consider your font choices. Do you want your fonts to depict playfulness, fantasy, science fiction, boldness or just plan fun? The right font is going to make everything else come together as one whole package that you will be delivering to your target audience.

So when you look around for your next book cover designer, choose wisely. You don’t just want any graphic designer creating your custom book cover. You want someone who knows what they are doing. Someone who understands the psychological and emotional effects of the design they are creating. You want someone who will understand how you want your book to be perceive

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