Three “Lost Clitoral Stimulation Positions” Discovered

Second by second you will find it easier and easier to read the words of this article and begin discovering the top three clitoral stimulation positions. Imagine the pleasure she’ll feel and how she’ll reciprocate your amazing abilities and repay you with more sex in the next three months than you’ve had your entire relationship.

It’s all possible once you begin using these positions.

Have you noticed yet how you are starting to feel excited as you begin to realize you can become a better lover and give your partner more sexual pleasure?

And you should be…most gentlemen would like to enjoy more sex. But find it difficult to trigger those emotions in their girlfriends and wives. All because of the inability to make women orgasm.

At least until you landed on this article.

Now there are many  clitoral stimulators positions which you can use to send a waterfall of pleasure over her body. But let me reveal the top three so I don’t waste your time and you become more adept at love making.

1. One of my favorite moves or positions you should be using is the normal missionary position but allowing yourself enough space to massage her clitoris with your hands. Sometimes you’ll need to lay off a little too the side or slightly higher than normal to free up enough space.

2. The second position is having her get on top of you and instead of thrusting up and down. Have her completely sit down on you and have her grind her clitoris into your pelvis in a circular motion. This allows her to control her orgasm potential and let’s feel like she is the dominate person in the bedroom.

3. Another one I favorite over others is the common spooning position. Except you should have her top leg lifted up while you manually stimulate her clitoris. As with all clitoral stimulation methods you want to use circular motions.

As you can tell these positions are pretty powerful and have been known to produce toe curling orgasms.

But if you want to really increase her pleasure and her sex drive I suggest using a water based lubricant and keeping in mind to use the outside areas of the clitoris. She is very sensitive and some women find it uncomfortable to have their clitoris directly stimulated.

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