Uses and Varieties of Plastic Sheets

Plastic sheets are known to be one of the most popularly and widely used products in the world. With multifaceted uses, these sheets are available in different varieties. Each variety of sheets has distinct characteristic features and can be used only for specific purposes.

Different Types of Plastic Sheets

There are various types available in many of the offline and online markets at affordable rates. These are used for various purposes ranging from construction purposes to artistic purposes. Some of the most common varieties of sheets are as follows:

Polyvinyl Chloride: The PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride sheets are one of the thickest sheets available today and are used for a variety of purposes. As these are resistant to both weather and corrosion, it is widely used for water tanks and pipes. It is also used for manufacturing pump houses, working surfaces, piping systems and cabinets. The PVC sheets are widely preferred as it can be easily fastened with any type of adhesive แผ่น อะ ค ริ ลิ ค ราคา ถูก.

Polycarbonate sheets: Known for its structural reliability and incomparable strength, the polycarbonate sheets are the most expensive variety of sheets as it is resistant to high temperatures, impact and UV rays. For this reason these sheets are widely used to manufacture architectural products, windows, greenhouses and patio roofs. The polycarbonate sheets are also known for its excellent durability.

Acrylic sheets: Also known as pexiglass, the acrylic sheets are highly resistant to breakage and impact. This can be fabricated to many forms including skylights, hockey ring barriers and so forth. Due to its versatile qualities, it is also widely used to manufacture shatterproof glass. It is used in commercial centers and homes to replace glass panes as it is both translucent and shiny in appearance.

Polyethylene sheets: Another variety include the polyethylene which include both the Low density polyethylene (LDPE) sheets and the high density polyethylene (HDPE). Both these varieties are used for various purposes. The HDPE sheets are tensile and durable. These sheets are also resistant to corrosion. Synthetic bags, duct fittings and cutting boards are manufactured with the HDPE sheets.

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