Lesson 1 to the Most Commonly Used Sports Betting Terms

The terms favorite, underdog, and “against the spread” are pervasive in our language that there is no need to mention them. ID Line UFABET

“Units” – Refers to a handicapper’s normal wager amount. Most handicappers will risk a set amount when they bet on games. Higher rated plays will be bet on with more units. Plays can be generally 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 unit plays. Rarely would anybody risk much more than 3 times their normal wager amount.

“Money-Line” – Refers to the odds for a team to win the game outright. For example, in a football game a team could be favored to win by 6 points and you can bet them by giving up 6 points or bet against them by getting 6 points. Regardless of how you do it against the spread, your payout will be risking 11 to win 10. With the money line, you do not have a spread but rather you are betting on a team to win the game. The payouts for the favorite are very small because they are already predicted to win the game.

“Revenge” – When handicappers mention revenge, they are talking about a team having lost its previous matchup with its opponent. The belief is that a team having revenge will come into the game much more prepared.

“Vig” – When someone refers to juice, they are talking about the sportsbook’s commission on a bet. If a sportsbook gets 50% action on one side and 50% on the other, the sportsbook will profit on what they call the Vig.

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